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Proofreading.London is based in the South of London, and our team of proofreaders come with experience from various academic and professional fields. The team consists entirely of native English speakers, and includes PhD and Master qualified experts and experienced professionals. They know what is expected from a text, whether it is an academic document, or something that is business related or personal. They understand how a text will be received, and what should be done to ensure that your work is as polished as it can be: they will professionally finalise your text for publishing.


Why hire Proofreading London UK?

Proofreading London prides itself on the calibre of its proofreaders, thereby ensuring that our clients will only receive the best possible proofreading service and attention. A thorough knowledge of the English language is of course essential, but it is not the only component necessary to carry out skillful proofreading. Experience of the subject in question, or the style of writing required, is also paramount; this is particularly the case with academic writing, which demands that certain protocols are followed regarding style, structure and referencing. Business correspondence, web-sites, application letters, and Curriculum Vitaes, all require their own particular style and structure, and experience of preparing this type of work is absolutely essential for the text in question to be correct and effective.



The team at Proofreading London is made up entirely of native English speakers. This may seem like a pointless claim to clients whose mother tongue is English, but when a client speaks English as a second language, this fact is paramount. Regardless of a proofreader's field of expertise, if that person is not a native speaker of English, it cannot be guaranteed that your text will be in perfect and fluent English. If the eventual recipient of your work is a native English speaker, they will expect a certain standard of writing, so make sure that your English meets their tough demands by ensuring that your English is flawless. The only way to guarantee this is by using a native speaking proofreader.

Proofreading.London works with the full range of UK universities, and our team regularly, efficiently and successfully deals with the different types of proofreading work