Academic Proofreading


Whether you have written a journal article, a research paper, a thesis or a dissertation or essay, having your work proofread is an essential final step that should never be avoided. Academic work is both complex and specific, and is guided by protocols and requirements that must be followed. Failure to provide the correct structure, style and formatting can lead to the rejection of a text, or will certainly lead to an inferior mark or grade.


We have proofread:

  • Dissertation
  • Essay
  • Technical reports
  • Journal Articles
  • University application forms


Example of academic proofrading


Correct grammar and spelling enhance a strong argument, and allow a difficult subject to be read and understood easily; they demonstrate an expert grasp of the subject matter and are convincing. Poor grammar and spelling lead to confusion and frustration, both for the reader, who will be unable to easily process a text, and the author, who will see their hard work relegated to the level of amateur, and classed as baffling and inferior. The fully qualified, expert academic editing team at Proofreading London can help you to avoid these problems and ensure that your work is received as it deserves to be.




By applying own experience in writing and subsequent proofreading of own academic texts, every author gets a huge experience of work on specific features and structure of formation of academic documents, that gives the possibility to maximise the use of own potential in further articles about own scientific work. In order to achieve such successful formation of the article, Proofreading London provides the correct structure and style of the text. That gives maximum possibility to save own time for all types of adjustments, text reformatting, to optimise own work schedule, to concentrate on the scientific research and preparation of new scientific articles. Preparation of the article by the author independently and its subsequent publication may lead to dire consequences, when the audience founds out elementary grammatical errors, problems with orthography and phonetics, then the future prospects of this article can be forgot about.


"In the scientific or business environment, in preparation of each article or scientific material, much effort and energy are input for checking and proofreading the text, grammar, correcting the errors, formation of the text structure. This work can be done by the author or with the help of a professional proofreader. This accumulated material is very important and can be used in future scientific or industrial research and development. This approach helps a lot in laying foundation for personal development of the person as a member of the scientific organisation or production company, as all such experience in writing a proper text of the article or essay is very useful in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge. For optimal allocation of efforts and resources for preparation of the relevant article or scientific material, a number of factors, which use can be maximised in future and current scientific research, should be taken into account. The developed article should correspond to the topic of the day, for that purpose this article should convey the entire picture of the topic in detail so that the topic would be optimally clear to the reader. More precise and extensive understanding of the article’s topic can be ensured by correct proofreading and checking of the text by the professional proofreader."

Comments, which will be given by the proofreader, will form the basis for more extensive understanding of the text or the article, that gives the opportunity to maximise the use of this article in future and current research, to create the subsequent articles and research materials.