About dissertation

Posted on 9th Apr 2017 12:52:36 in Proofreading

The dissertation is a special form of a scientific work, having a qualification character, prepared for public protection and obtaining a scientific degree.

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Proofreading and Editing

Posted on 30th Apr 2016 23:25:33 in Proofreading

Let's say you wrote an interesting and informative articles that you plan to place on your site, or prepare an offer and want to distribute it to all the companies that may be of interest to you as a potential partner.

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9 main British traditions

Posted on 31st Mar 2016 05:52:05 in Proofreading

Speaking about the customs of a country, come to mind national holidays. We have collected for you especially the English way of life, associated more with the mentality of the people. Some of them have a rich history and have their roots in ancient times. Others on the contrary - too young. So, let me introduce 9 features of life in the UK.

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How to improve the perception of the English listening - 5 Tips

Posted on 31st Mar 2016 05:45:44 in Proofreading

In the study of the English language plays an important role of improving language skills. Many courses do not focus their attention on the process of communicative side. However, in most cases it is the language of communication is the main purpose. How to improve the perception of the English listening - we describe in the article.

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5 simple tips: how to quickly learn a foreign language

Posted on 31st Mar 2016 05:31:49 in Proofreading

When it comes to foreign languages, we all differ astonishing impatience. So you want to instantly and voila - the language was already lying in the bank of our subconscious! Not so simple, but not all that difficult! Summer - the most suitable time for the express training.

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