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According to many scientists, linguists, the study of foreign languages ​​using proofreading improves the process of memorizing individual words and the general principles of construction of proposals. In addition, the language of memorizing ready-made phrases in first person, the person does not just repeating the story, which is typical for the traditional retelling of texts, but also subconsciously simulates a certain situation, presenting itself in this or that position. This method avoids the anonymity memorized material, giving the opportunity to "try on" a phrase that can be useful in real life. In favor of the procedure "First Person," says a study conducted by psychologists in the Russian secondary school with intensive study of English. In the experiment of primary school students were offered texts, half consisted of the narrative in the third person, and half from the first. The results showed that almost 98% of students were able to correctly play back the part of the text, which consisted of direct speech. According to linguists, plus phrase books is precisely the characteristic features of the presentation of the material in the first person, allowing you to "get used" in the text and makes the storage more efficient. Our advice: carefully approach the selection of a phrase; Topics covered in series, parallel memorizing related words. Each topic is spent 2-3 days.


Experts have deduced the ideal formula memorization - 30 words a day, 5 of which are verbs. The technique is aimed at busy people who want to without any time-consuming to learn the basics of a new language, learn to understand and speak. According to the formula, the words should be chosen by the first letter, daily changing it to follow - so, if today you will learn the words to "A", then tomorrow it should be 30 words with the letter "B". When the full circle of the alphabet will be passed, you will again return to the "A" and so on. The effectiveness of this method is that it allows you to create for itself certain rules that will eventually come into the habit, and are transformed into the system.

Our advice: to achieve results in the study of a foreign language by this method, take the main rule - the words you need to learn every day, not giving yourself the weekend.


Perhaps the most enjoyable and effective method of language learning - learning of foreign songs in parallel with their translation. This method opened our compatriot, who was 3 months to learn English, resorting exclusively to "cramming" and reproduce the English songs. Linguists recognize that this method really helps to learn a foreign language, especially if the transfer worked out by the pupil, taking into account the grammatical and stylistic features of the text. The great advantage of "song" technique is perfect pronunciation - the result of frequent repetition of the same text, as well as imitation artist - in this case, the student receives a kind of master class. It is worth noting another significant advantage that comes along with memorizing the songs in a foreign - language is a stylistic purity and beauty of speech turns, which are characteristic of lyrical works. By studying the language through songs, you subconsciously take the style of presentation of thought, get used to it and play.


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