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English humor
You've heard about the specific English humor. The fact that he is really special, because in the majority of the jokes is home situation, characteristic only for residents of the UK. We are not peculiar to the concept of "sir" or boundless love for porridge. The Russian families are increasingly found or buckwheat porridge with sugar. However, many argue that the British family prepare their breakfast is really superb.
If you are not sure of the "sophistication" of its humor in the conversation with the English it is advisable to reserve a joke for a more flexible company.


English politeness
Many argue that the English nation stingy with emotions. The British do behave much quieter than the southern people, they do not have the habit of screaming in the street and constantly repeated polite thanks and please. Like the phrase "How are you?", Which we support the call at a meeting in the UK is highly developed boundless . For example, one day a 60-year-old Mr. N went to the concert, which he visits, by the way, every week. The club was crowded, and he gave way to the girl, who was standing behind and pleading to let her come. Ultimately, having won the lion's share of space, she forced Mr N stand for half of the concert on one leg, because there was nowhere to put a second. His request to move it ignored as it could. Mr. N, exhausted by this posture, could not resist and happily got her leg of his second. That, yelp, turned. Minute English politeness: with a smile he said, "Sooooo sorry", to which she replied, "Everything's fine" just a smile. We can only guess how many curses, both kept inside at the time.


Tea and the Tea Party

Favorite and parcel of the English tea ceremony begins at 5 pm and called the 5 o'clock tea. The English drink tea with milk and no milk, with specific additives and without, hot and cold. The Duchess of Bedford, Anna VII on giving initiated the tradition of English tea. Too long a break between lunch and dinner caused a painful feeling of hunger, so she ordered serve tea with pastries in the afternoon. It had the taste of many. Thus was born another tradition.
Let's go back to Mr. N. One day, he asked to make tea, which according to Russian custom he immediately filled with boiling water. Screams were ... I still remember the sounds in your ears the phrase: "You killed my tea!" Tip: Leave the professionals preparing the drink.

Sunday lunch
Special relationship enjoyed Sunday lunches. It is unacceptable to sit down in the clothes he wore on itself all day. Etiquette events suggests conviviality and maintenance of general conversation. Forget whispering and whispering in your ear.

Family, home and hearth
My home is my castle. One of the favorite expressions, which reflects the attitude of the British family life. Not only do they prefer private houses apartments, but the living and honor the tradition which possibly has a fireplace - the heart of the English home. Around him going to the family and guests during the holidays. Heat and fire are cozy. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to recreate this ideal picture.

Garden & Gardening
Another reason why the English way of life promotes private house - a garden. In the UK, popular growing flowers and vegetables even in the flats high-rise buildings. About horticulture say, share their experiences and tips, secrets of the harvest. Of course, not all of it is inherent fascination. Young people their own interests and preferences.

Left side traffic
Special pride is left-hand traffic. There are several versions of this phenomenon. The first is related to the features of the bearing of arms, which has moved to England even by the ancient Romans (repeatedly and successfully encroached on the land of the British Isles). Weapons carried in his right hand, so it was considered advantageous to move to the left side in order to respond to the enemy faster.
According to the second version of the drive on the left comes from the maritime traditions. In the past, the British Navy ships avoided each other on the left side.

In the opinion of people in the UK, they are the only people who exhibit such love and care of our smaller brothers. Despite the fact that now in most countries, there are clothing stores and animal ornaments, the British did not intend to stop there. They congratulate each other postcards in the name of their pets are video blogs and accounts on social networks.
Not surprisingly, in the house of an English family can live several pets.

Christmas night
It has long been in the villages on the night before Christmas, put on windowsills thick candles that symbolize for giving Light of the World and Christ. They illuminate the path, drive away evil spirits. This is the time called "the night of candles." By giving people in the 19th century gave them to each other with the words, "Let the fire will warm you, and light will show the way."
Christmas candles are lit all night.

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