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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences according to item 14 of the "Regulations on the order of awarding academic degrees to scientific and scientific and pedagogical employees and awarding scientific titles to scientists should be scientific Qualification work, which contains a solution of a problem that is of significant importance for the relevant branch of knowledge, or presents scientifically based technical, economic or technological development weave, ensuring the solution of important applications. 

This thesis is preparing individually. It should contain a set of new scientific results and provisions put forward for public protection. As a scientific work, it must have an inner unity and testify to the personal contribution of its author to science.  New solutions proposed by the applicant must be strictly argued and critically evaluated in comparison with the known solutions. In dissertations having applied value, information is given on the practical use of scientific results obtained by the author, and in theses having theoretical value, recommendations on the use of scientific conclusions.

The design of a thesis must meet the requirements for work sent to the press. In the case when the thesis for the degree of candidate of science is presented in the form of a manuscript, their main provisions should be published.  Proofreading thesis should provide scientific information in the most complete form, necessarily revealing the results and the progress of the survey and detailing the research methodology in detail. The completeness of scientific information should also be reflected in providing the most detailed factual material, including detailed justifications, hypotheses, extensive historical digressions and parallels.
The basis for the content of the dissertation should be a fundamentally new material, including a description of new facts, phenomena and regularities, as well as the generalization of previously known information from other scientific positions or in a completely different aspect. In this regard, such material may comprise discussion issues related to the revision of existing attitudes and perceptions. The content of the dissertation should meet the requirements of originality, uniqueness and uniqueness of the given provisions.

The form of presentation of the contents of the proofread dissertation should be characterized by a high degree of abstraction, the active application of the mathematical apparatus and means of logical thinking, as well as the reasoning of judgments and the accuracy of the data presented. Focusing on the readers whose professional training is the highest, the dissertator should include in the text all the sign apparatus available at his disposal (formulas, graphs, diagrams, diagrams, tables, Latin notation, etc.), i.e. All that makes up the "language of science", which is understandable only to specialists. Language-stylistic design of the material should be determined by the features of the scientific style of speech, the main feature of which is objectivity, resulting from the specifics of scientific knowledge. Proofreading can help to improve your dissertator.
These are the main typological characteristics of the master's thesis as a special type of scientific work. Let us now consider how it should prepare to fully meet all the requirements for it as a qualification work prepared for public protection and obtaining a scientific degree of candidate of science.