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Knowledge of grammar and rich vocabulary is very important. It is also important to be able to apply this knowledge in practice in the presentation of his thoughts. There remains one more thing - the ability to listen and hear.

Causes of complications
The difficulties in the perception of the English listening comprehension can have several causes.

"Weak" English
One of the main subjective reasons misunderstanding - poor knowledge of the English language. Knowing the basics of grammar and vocabulary development activities greatly facilitate the process of foreign speech perception. We are talking about the active dictionary, because it is important to immediately respond to the structure or stable expression. You will not be able proofread during a call.
Despite the fact that verbal communication often involves the simplification of language material, reduction of words and phrases, it may be another difficulty. To speak less freely using new vocabulary and grammar, you need patience, practice and time to get it all "settled" in the head.

The lack of practice
Second subjective reasons causing difficulties in the perception of the English listening comprehension is the lack of practice. Perfect knowledge of grammar and vocabulary in writing or translating the texts did not imply free communication in English. Sometimes speech difficulties can arise even in their native language.
Another reason may be the emotional state - anxiety, fear or overexcitement joy of communication. In this case, we lost concentration, attention falls and you focus only on one thing. What will help get rid of it we will tell later.

Let's talk about the factors which affect you just can not.

Features speaker's speech
Unfortunately, perfect your pronunciation and accent can be found only on the audio recordings, which are a supplement to training courses. Remarkably, if they exist, and you can train. But such a "refined", clear and precise it is not common. Accents, dialects, varying from region to region, the personal characteristics of the speaker, "words-parasites", slang - this will need to adapt.

The recording quality (when it comes to listening to)
Let's go back to the records with the English text, or radio broadcasts. Bad signal or incorrect entry made significantly hamper your understanding of the English language. Unfortunately, you are powerless here - you need to adjust the ear.

Do not despair if there is a problem in your life. Listening English speech - is a skill that can and should be developed. So, we offer you a few tips to help you cope with the difficulties in listening comprehension.


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