Posted on 30th Apr 2016 23:25:33 in Proofreading

Then readers stumble upon grammatical errors, typos, that spoil the impression of your company or does not finish the text to the end, because it seems to them too complicated or even some clumsy ... It's a shame in this situation is that these little things can rob you customers, and hence income. Here comes in the adjustment of the text.
Independent adjustment of the text: what is its danger
Well, think of yourself as your own text can be edited? If correct typos and grammatical errors can help you attentive subtraction or a special program to adjust the text, change the style of the written text and make it more readable, you are unlikely to succeed. After all, if you wrote the text and find it good, how do you know that other people it can be perceived quite differently?
Thus, we need a fresh look from the outside, and this look just possess professional spotters.
To entrust the adjustment of text
As we have said, the adjustment of the text should not trust random workers found your ad and professional spotters. It is these people and work in our Verbum content studio! Apart from the fact that they are able to objectively evaluate the information you outlined, they are also experienced linguists who possess all the secrets of their native language.


Under copywriting or proforeading realize activities aimed at writing and presentation of advertising texts. Modern copywriting can be compared to a lottery: sometimes you have dozens of times to buy a lottery ticket, only to get a possible win. The texts of advertising character, which must be adapted for the Internet space, are relatively new, and therefore not yet fully studied the product. And his work on the study is still quite a lot.
How to find a quality copywriting for the resource
What happens is that a professional copywriting and proforeading  service ordering and paying for it a decent amount of money, the customer suddenly learns that the text does not work. Strange ... It seems that it is interesting, most informative and all that. Then what is the problem? Why did not he brought to the site desired number of potential customers?
The problem may lie in the fact that copywriting texts for your site doing a freelancer, which you almost nothing is known, but not the studio. This does does not mean that the text contains grammatical errors, or it does not match the topic. At first glance, the text will be attractive enough to sell but he still will not. Do you arrange such a result?
If not, then you need to contact our professional copywriting studio Verbum, whose staff know very well what needs to be done to ensure that your site has attracted the attention of the maximum number of users!


If you want your site moved successfully, you need to fill it with unique content. To achieve a high text unique in two ways: you can order high-quality rewriting or order an original text written specifically for you. Rewriting or proforeading is the process of rewriting the existing Internet information in your own words.
Copywriting and rewriting: what to choose?
Copyright and ordered to pay a lot of money is not always appropriate for him. There are many cases where the rewrite may be no worse and sometimes even better copyright. For example, you need to fill in the site description of the goods or to place the operating instructions of a product. The information in this case may not differ significantly from the original, and therefore make up here do not need anything. It will be sufficient to limit the quality literate rewriting.
Where better to enjoy a professional proforeading?
Cheap rewrite find today is a snap, but the quality of it is doubtful. Do you arrange regular permutation of words and change their mortality? rewriting Market now offers a lot of these "masters". Surely this kind of work you do not want to pay. And rightly so! Because search engines can easily reveal this text and simply remove the site from the search results.
Our advice: make a professional service in our studio copyright Verbum, that we have is an integrated analytical work, rather than the usual retelling of the text!