Translation Services


During the preparation of articles and texts for web site or magazine in the English language, you will be sure that your translation of the text into English was provided with accurate and reliable proofreading.

We are part of the Translation Services 247 family so you can rely on the same quality of service.



A very important task is to check that any translated text reflects the same information as the original text. Also, spelling of the text is checked at proofreading. The text after translation may be understandable, but bad grammar can leave a bad impression about the article or the text. Such shortcomings may have a negative impact on the professional promotion of the author in his field, as the recognition of the professional in his field depends on the audience.

" Speaking about the prospects and maximal use of the written article in the future and current scientific research, the importance of work of professional text proofreaders should be realised. This factor gives to the article's author the possibility to get prepared in a proper way, to maximise the use of full own potential and opportunities, to present the article from a scientific point of view, keeping in mind all the points and nuances, which may occur in the process of article preparation. In writing an article, much effort and energy is spent, and in this case, no necessary time and effort remains for proofreading and check of the article, that may affect quality and maximal potential of the article itself. "

Depending on the specifics of the text a proofreader can discuss some of the changes that were made in the translation with the author. It is also very convenient for the author of the article, since the operative correction allows you to have a clear direction of the article.